Emily is an experienced and charismatic speaker, having delivered countless talks on a wide variety of library topics. She most often addresses issues in library management, staff development, technology, and innovation, and specializes in motivating library staff to step up and get things done!


Sample Topics

  • Great Idea, Now Let’s Get it Done!
  • Where Library Projects Go to Die: Keeping Our Projects off the Hot Mess Express
  • Building and Supporting a Winning Project Team
  • Creating a Positive Staff Learning Environment
  • When “Change” is a Four-Letter Word
  • Do you Really Know the Community you Serve?
  • Placing your Library at the Center of the Community… and Keeping it There
  • Keeping Up and Making Time: Making Your Profession a Priority
  • Let it Go! Things we need to stop doing in Libraries
  • Soft Skills for Hard Times: Essential Business Strategies to Empower the Library Leader **NEW**
  • Customer Service Strategies for Safeguarding Patron Information **NEW**

Keynotes are designed to run 45-60 minutes in length, and will be adjusted to suit your particular needs. Contact Emily for details.

Want to get hands on? Workshops on these and related topics also available.

Additional topics available upon request (additional fees may apply).

Speaker Fees

Emily Clasper Emily Clasper